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Say hello to Velma and Peso!

Say hello to Velma and Peso!

Hi! I'm Velma and this is my sweet companion Peso.  Peso is appropriately named because he is a Chihuahua.  Peso and I have been companions for years and he brings me such joy each and every day.  Peso thinks he's the boss and just between you and me ... he is!  He's not much of a walker, rather he enjoys chasing squirrels, barking at passing planes, snacking and napping.  He loves being brushed and groomed and can never resist a treat after a trick.  He's always the first to let me know if someone's at my door. We love cuddling up on the couch and watching Jeopardy.  Peso has such a big character yet he's such a small dog. He doesn't realize how small he is!  His birthdays are always celebrated in style as he's happy to wear a party hat and bowtie.  I cherish all the fun times we have together and he's a real sweetie ... he's my sweetie!

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