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'Remembering to Remember'

'Remembering to Remember'

Can't find your car keys?
Forget your grocery list?
Can't remember the name of the personal trainer you liked at the gym?
You're not alone. Everyone forgets things occasionally. Still, memory loss is nothing to take lightly.  Here are some suggestions on activities to keep your memory active

Although there are no guarantees when it comes to preventing memory loss or dementia, certain activities might help to sharpen your memory

  1. Get More Rest… Sleep plays an important role in helping you consolidate your memories, so you can recall them down the road. Make getting enough sleep a priority. Most adults need seven to nine hours of sleep a day.
  2. Be Social… Socializing helps ward off depression and stress, both of which can contribute to memory loss. Look for opportunities to get together with loved ones, friends and others — especially if you live alone.
  3. Stay Active… Just as physical activity helps keep your body in shape, mentally stimulating activities help keep your brain in shape — and might keep memory loss at bay. Do crossword puzzles. Play bridge. Take alternate routes when driving. Learn to play a musical instrument. Volunteer at a local school or community organization.
  4. Get Organized… You're more likely to forget things if your home is cluttered and your notes are in disarray. Jot down tasks, appointments and other events in a special notebook, calendar or electronic planner.  You might even repeat each entry out loud as you jot it down to help cement it in your memory. Keep to-do lists current and check off items you've completed.
  5. Be Focused… Limit distractions and don't do too many things at once. If you focus on the information that you're trying to retain, you're more likely to recall it later. It might also help to connect what you're trying to retain to a favorite song or another familiar     


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